The LETTERMAN Radius is 20 years old: A tribute to a loyal guardian of our mail

The LETTERMAN von Radius is 20 years old and its journey is far from over. Let's use this occasion to celebrate the importance of analog communication and the joy that a handwritten letter or card can bring to our lives. Let's do that LETTERMAN celebrate, which is not just a mailbox, but a symbol of love, friendship and connection.

The beginning of a legend
In 2003, Michael Rösing developed a mailbox with high aesthetic standards, easy handling and a timelessly modern color concept.
While on a sailing trip, Michael became aware of the design of a porthole. He liked the idea of ​​being able to take a look inside the mailboxes from the outside. Unnecessary unlocking and the opportunity to save some time were also a positive side effect. That's how he wears it LETTERMAN 1 the iconic porthole at its center.

Innovation and design
It quickly became clear that the... LETTERMAN Mailbox was more than just a simple container for letters. Its unique design set new standards and immediately attracted attention.

Over time it grew LETTERMAN Family with additional models. Thanks to various mounting options as well as the variety of colors and the possibility of an integrated bell, the Letterman fits seamlessly into the surroundings and is still an eye-catcher. From minimalist stainless steel to bold colors - everyone LETTERMAN adapts to the style and gives buildings a very special touch.

While looking for additional functions that could be individually customized for the customer, Michael came across a marking laser that had previously been used primarily to engrave jewelry. Michael recognized the advantages of lasers for individually labeling mailboxes. With the individually customizable labeling that was new to the mailbox industry, he managed to achieve this LETTERMAN To offer mailboxes with a wide variety of design options.

To freely combine the lettering with the mailbox, Michael tried a number of laser methods to find the one that best suited the powder-coated material. The combination of the purist mailboxes with these different, innovative engravings gave the LETTERMAN letterbox its iconic distinctiveness that continues to this day.

The change in communication

In the two decades since its introduction, the LETTERMAN experienced a lot. From wedding invitations to digital postcards, it has shaped the way we communicate. Email and social media may have revolutionized the way we communicate, but the magic of getting a handwritten letter or greeting card out of his LETTERMAN taking has never lost its appeal.

A look into the future
Today, since the LETTERMAN celebrates its 20th birthday, we are looking forward to the future. Its timeless design and functionality have made it a classic that will continue to guard our mail for years to come. With continued technological advances, our communication will undoubtedly evolve, but the LETTERMAN will always remain a symbol of the beauty of analogue connection.

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