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product inquiries

The longevity of our products is very important to us. Therefore, you can buy spare parts for your product.
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We will then look individually for a solution.

With our configurator you can create your individual mailbox. There is also the option of engraving the mailboxes with a company logo. Please email the desired logo as a vector file directly to:

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You have a 2-year legal guarantee on all Radius products.
Our mailboxes come with a 10-year guarantee against rusting through.

Product questions ethanol fireplaces

The HOME FLAME COLLECTION is characterized by its innovative and patented “Safe Stone-Fire” combustion chamber construction. The construction combined with optimal consumption enable an excellent price/performance ratio. In addition, all models meet safety requirements and can be put into operation without any problems without the need for maintenance by a chimney sweep. The products WALL FLAME and FLOOR FLAME are TÜV tested.

Use on parquet is considered harmless.

When starting up on carpets, make sure that the combustion chamber does not come into direct contact with the carpet. High-pile carpets are therefore unsuitable.

The construction of these FLAMES is only suitable for wall mounting.

This is possible if the safety instructions are followed.

The following flames can be used indoors and outdoors: Semi Flame, High Flame, Top Flame and the Uni Flame. Wall Flame I & II and the Corner Flame are only recommended for indoor use.

There is no safety guarantee for modifications.

Any kind of decoration must be made of fireproof material. The combustion chamber itself must remain free of any objects.

If the safety distances are not observed, there is a risk of fire. If necessary, the heat can affect the picture or painting.

Kilowatt is a unit for measuring the heating capacity and can therefore not be given in °C. The actual temperature depends heavily on external influences such as room size and air supply. Since it is an open fire, a pleasant warmth will develop.

They can get very hot. Avoid touching the glass panes during operation. When the flame goes out, the glass cools down quickly.

The underside of the combustion chamber reaches a temperature of approx. 80°C.

The stainless steel surface does not develop extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, you should avoid touching the surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the combustion chamber.

In principle, commercial bio-ethanol can be used. However, impure ethanol can lead to undesirable residues, severe soiling of the fuel stone and unpleasant odors. Bio-ethanol from RADIUS DESIGN (item no. 536 5 litres, 10 litres) corresponds to the following guidelines: bio-ethanol 96%, denatured, 1% MEK, contains Bitrex.

No, the construction of the combustion chamber is only suitable for use with bio-ethanol.

No, if the fuel stone is not used, the modified construction is no longer subject to our safety regulations. We therefore advise against any design changes.

In order to obtain a harmonious flame pattern, the fuel stone must be completely covered with bio-ethanol.

The small flames can easily be extinguished by quickly opening and closing the flaps. If necessary, the process can be repeated.

No. Please note the safety instructions.

With suitable fastening methods for cavity walls, the FLAMES can also be fastened to plasterboard walls.

High-quality bio-ethanol essentially burns to form water vapor and carbon dioxide. If the respective safety instructions are taken into account, there is no danger.

Product questions Mailboxes

Yes. However, we recommend a location protected from the weather. Please note that the newspaper compartment of the mailboxes Letterman 2, Letterman 5, Letterman M and Letterman MB is open on both sides by default. We offer a separately available page protector for the newspaper compartment to protect one page from the weather. Alternatively, the mailboxes offer Letterman XXL and XXL 2 provide complete weather protection. Insert link to the products

Yes. A stainless steel name plate is included. Alternatively, the letterboxes can also be engraved with a name or ours Solar Lights offer the option of an extra, illuminated name plate. The mailboxes with portholes and the Letterman 3 can be provided with lettering. Insert link to the products

The processed stainless steel V2A is rust-resistant. However, it is possible for mailboxes to rust in atmospheres containing iodine (coasts, industrial areas, busy roads and railway lines). In these cases, the specialist trade offers various stainless steel care products. We recommend cleaning the mailboxes regularly.

Our mailboxes are always delivered with the following accessories: 1 lock incl. 2 keys, 1 name plate, 1 porthole (incl. privacy film and fastening material) (only for versions with porthole), newspaper compartment (incl. fastening material for mounting on the letterbox) (only for versions with newspaper compartment, except Letterman XXL and Since there are countless substrate materials, no mounting accessories for wall mounting or for attaching the post to the floor are included in the scope of delivery.

Yes. All of our products are supplied with illustrated assembly instructions in German and English. All assembly instructions can be found here.

The mailbox can be mounted on house walls as well as on enclosures, provided the enclosure can hold the mailbox. Alternatively, we also offer the letterboxes as a standing version (excluded Letterman 3 and Letterman 6) or the parcel mailbox Letterman Standing ovation. The standing mailboxes can be anchored in the ground with the separately available ground anchor or with suitable dowels and bolts. Care should be taken to ensure that the surface is flat and stable. Smaller unevenness can be compensated for using suitable washers if necessary.

Yes. Our mailboxes have a lock. It's under the top flap.

The mailboxes are available in the following RAL colors: orange (RAL 2009), green (RAL 6018), silver (RAL 9006), white (RAL 9003), black (RAL 9005), moss green (RAL 6005), light blue (RAL 5012 ), red (RAL 3020), anthracite (RAL 7016) and stainless steel.

The mailboxes are available in the colors listed in the box above. Unfortunately, individual custom-made products are not possible.

The surface of the mailbox is covered with a protective plastic film. The foil protects the surface of the box during manufacture and assembly. The film must be completely removed before setting up the mailbox. Please use gloves to avoid handprints on the surface.

The material thickness is approx. 1 mm. However, this information can vary by a few micrometers depending on the model. Since the colored mailboxes are powder coated, the material thickness is slightly higher. The glass plate of the mailbox Letterman 3 is approx. 6 mm and the stainless steel housing is approx. 1 mm thick.

The stainless steel mailboxes and the matching posts are made of stainless steel. The colored mailboxes and posts are made of powder-coated steel. The porthole is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and glass.

In order to ensure optimal weather protection, the upper flap closes by itself.

It is possible to let the mailbox into the wall. Due to the functions of the closing flaps, it is not possible to let them in completely. The mailbox therefore protrudes 3-4 cm from the wall and can therefore only be used to a limited extent as a flush-mounted mailbox. Note that the mailbox can affect the statics and insulation.

It depends on your garden fence or the enclosure. If the distances to the holes are suitable and the garden fence is stable enough to hold the mailbox, installation is possible. Use appropriate fastening material.

The mailboxes are not scratch sensitive.

The specialist trade offers many stainless steel care products that can be used to care for the mailbox.

The name tag has no intended place on the mailbox. You are free to choose exactly where you want to position the self-adhesive name tag. We recommend sticking the name tag in the lower right corner of the top flap.

No, the housings of the wall mailboxes are only intended for individual installation. The Letterman with post has side holes for attachment to the post, as well as a back plate to cover the rear drill holes and as rain protection. If independent drilling and/or changes are made, any warranty claims will be void.

Each mailbox is also available as a standing version with posts. The only exception is this Letterman 3. If independent drilling and/or changes are made, any warranty claims will expire.

There are two ways to attach the post to the ground:
1. Direct doweling on a suitable substrate, such as concrete or asphalt.
2. Installation using the separately available ground anchor for concrete.
The supplied stainless steel panel covers the screw connection of the post. Pay attention to a vertical and stable installation of the post. This variant must be used for the standing mailboxes of the M and MB mailboxes.

The delivery includes screws, a reinforcement plate and spacers, with which the mailbox can be mounted on the post.

Possible at Letterman M, MB and 6.

The mailbox only needs one post to ensure it stands securely. Since the holes in the mailbox are only on the right-hand side, this is not possible with some.

If independent drilling and/or modifications are carried out, all warranty claims are void.

No, our bell buttons are on the right side of the mailbox by default.

On the right side of the mailbox there is a bell button with an illuminated ring. Functions of the bell: The sound must already be there, because our bell button is only the trigger. The bell used here is a wired variant.

Yes. The mounting material for mounting on a mailbox is included in the scope of delivery. The exception to this is the Letterman 3, XXL and XXL2

The letterboxes XXL and XXL 2 have a newspaper compartment under the top flap and above the slot for optimal weather protection. Unlike our other models, in which the newspaper compartment is attached to the bottom.

After opening the packaging, use one of the keys provided to open the mailbox. The newspaper compartment is in the mailbox. Take out the newspaper compartment to assemble it.

The mounting material that you have to use depends on the wall of your house. Since there are different surfaces for which different dowels have to be used, we cannot send any mounting material.

The engraving "Please no advertising" is engraved under the letterbox flap.

No, the color of the engraving cannot be changed.

No, the flap cannot be replaced by yourself.

In theory, the mailbox can be engraved later. You have to disassemble it, send it to us, we will engrave it and send it back to you. A simpler variant are our stainless steel engraving boards. These can easily be retrofitted.

The mailbox lock is located under the mailbox flap. The exception is this Letterman 3.

In this case, please contact our customer service: We can also engrave longer names on the mailboxes in the form of an individual engraving.

Please contact our customer service

The engraving of a logo is an individual engraving and costs €99

Product questions Luminaires

When the Mobiiil light is not in use, it is advisable to unplug the USB from the light to obtain maximum performance.

Yes, we offer different lenses for our Basica series, with which the beam angle can be changed.

No, our lights are equipped with glued LEDs that have a very long service life.

Our wall, ceiling and battery lights do not require assembly. With our floor and desk lamps, the base must be mounted.

Yes, our standing, reading and battery lamps are all dimmable. An appropriate dimmer is required for the wall and ceiling lights.

Please contact our customer service for this: